Projects - Tiny home project

A tiny home collective on an urban and/or rural block of land is something Map of Tassie sees as a viable solution for many women (especially older or mature age) who have fled an abusive relationship, have been ostracised by their family or community because of gender or identity choices, or are on their own after a marriage breakdown, and have limited financial means to support themselves and get back on their feet.

The current real estate climate in Tasmania has closed the door on many who live and work here, and cannot afford the inflated prices or lack of housing possibilities. Their unique and highly individual circumstances often force them to live in their cars and move around nomadically.

A stable base and access to a small livable dwelling like a tiny home, would make a big difference to someone in need. Add to this the income producing opportunity of using the tiny home community to operate a home-based small business, the possibilities are endless.

Some members of Map of Tassie have expressed support for actively developing such a tiny home community whether in Burnie, Devonport or Launceston for women in need. If you’d like to be a part of this or even donate or sponsor us, please get in touch.


Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on 0448 381 306 or