Cradle Mountain hike on Saturday 14th August

Published 11-08-2021

Hi everyone, some of us are going to Cradle Mountain this Saturday for a hike, and rather than setup an event in FaceBook (we don’t have enough time to reach everyone), we’re posting it here in case anyone wants to join.

  • Meet at Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre at 10am so we can start hiking before 11am.
  • This coming Saturday 14th of August.

It’s not going to be fantastic weather, so bring warm clothing (think layers), with a proper outer shell jacket, wet weather gear, boots, gaiters, gloves, beanie, trekking poles, camera, smile and some warm drinks and high energy snacks. Bring an extra fleece for when we have a break and you start to cool down. Jasmin will bring a sleeping bag, shelter and some emergency space blankets, etc. You’ll also need a Parks Pass.

It’s important to stay warm, as the weather forecast is for around 0 - 5 degrees with showers. You cannot afford to get wet or cool down. So plan ahead. At the moment there is no snow up at Dove Lake. See the webcam here.

Our hike will most likely take in Crater Lake down to Dove Lake and may have a short walk after at Pencil Pine Cascades. Crater Lake is rated 3 and approximately 6 km circuit. If the weather is not too bad, we may change that plan and do Hansons Peak to Little Horn and then down Lake Wilks Track to Dove Lake. It’ll depend on everyone’s feeling on the day and of course the weather. So be prepared for both :)

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