Honeycomb Cave Tour

Published 07-08-2021

Thanks to our amazing knowledgeable cave guide Deb Hunter and MOT members Hildegunn, Sarah, Jess, Gaby, and Kylie for the amazing fantastic underground in Honeycomb Cave of the Mole Creek Karst National Park. We crawled through tiny holes in walls to enter narrow corridors where we hung over the flowing waters of Mole Creek, then dropped down levels into other parts of the subterranean world to get up close with reflective pools, mud, rocks, shawl formations and fossils. The tour was a genuine adventure with Deb patiently guiding us through the beautiful Karst world, and opening our eyes to the abundance of life at our doorstep. It was a half day tour with a delicious lunch afterwards, and I think I can say for everyone it was way too short and has definitely made us hungry for more! Thanks very much Deb! We’ll be back!

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