To confirm your attendance to an event/s, please send Jasmin an sms on 0448 381 306 or email her on stating which event it is, your name, how many in your party are attending, etc. Otherwise please visit our Facebook page and click Going!


21 August, 2021 - 11am - Death by Chocolate

This play on words is an invitation to all and every self-confessed chocoholic who cannot go past a chocolate on the way through Latrobe. House of Anvers is the chocolate holy grail, the chocy mecca for all chocolate-mad pilgrims. Maybe I’m revealing too much about myself? Let’s start with some nibbles in the taste centre, then sit down and have a hot chocolate and cake in the cafe. If you’ve never tried the Fortunato No.4 original cacao, then you won’t be disappointed when I tell you that House of Anvers has the exclusive rights to offer it in Australia. Yes, it must be love or chocolate heaven 😃 Hope to see you there, with a chocolate smile 🙂 If you need a lift to Latrobe, please let me know.


28 August, 2021 - 12pm - Lunch in Sheffield with North West Pride

This is a joint event between Map of Tassie and Garry Wakefield and North West Pride. Anyone and everyone under the rainbow is invited to attend, no matter your gender or identity etc. We’ll have lunch at Mountain Mumma in beautiful Sheffield, where there are gluten free and vegan options. Mountain Mumma is famous for its pizzas 😛 I’ve booked for 10 people but it’s possible to increase that booking to 30. So please RSVP as soon as possible to give the cafe enough time to organise space. After lunch we’ll stroll around Sheffield and have a nice day together.


3-5 September, 2021 - 2pm - North and South

This weekend will see MOT members in the North (everyone from the northwest, to north and northeast) head down to Hobart town and New Norfolk to meet up with our southern sisters! Yay! On Friday night we’ll hook up with the Friday drinks, dinner and dancing at the Duke Hotel in Hobart. On Saturday we’ll head out on a hike/walk together (I’m leaving this wide open as to where we’ll go, e.g. perhaps up to Mt Wellington, perhaps through Salamanca markets, who knows; join in and find out). On the Sunday, we’ll head over to New Norfolk and partake in high tea at the Glen Derwent Tea Rooms at 11.30am. There is a limited number of people allowed at the Tea Rooms max of 13-14, so please let me know for sure if you are coming. There are vegan and gluten free options on demand. You don’t have to come to every event on every day, just to the event you feel is best for you. There are some lovely southerners who have offered a bed, so follow the conversation in our Facebook group or let me know if that sounds like something you need.


19 September, 2021 - 10am - Warners Track - Great Western Tiers

Let’s take the hike up to the plateau via Warners Track which is in the beautiful Jackeys Marsh valley. This track leads up to Pine Lake (also accessible from the Highlands Lakes Highway) and Mt Adams, with Projection Bluff a hovering companion (also possible to hike up to). Once at the top we can decide if we’ll climb Mt Adams, or hike further to Pine Lake. If we do the latter, we’ll have a car up there waiting at the carpark. This is a full day’s hike, as we’ll be going slowly to ensure everyone can do it. Any hike up to the plateau means steepness or an ascent of 600m min. Please keep this in mind. Bring the appropriate mountain weather gear, boots, trekking poles, food, drink, etc.


24-27 September, 2021 - 4pm - Mt William and Bay of Fires

Mt William is one of the lesser known national parks in Tassie but that doesn’t detract from its uniqueness and beauty. The mountain is quite small in terms of altitude, but it’s a lovely hike to the summit and back with views of the east coast. We’ll camp either in the park at Stumpys Bay No 4 campground or in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area and do a second walk along the coast the next day (Coblers Rocks walk), with some sightseeing at Eddystone Point where there’s a historic lighthouse. On the way home we’ll check out the Little Blue Lake near Gladstone.

Bring your tent and camping gear, or if you prefer take your caravan or campervan or van, as well as your birthday suit for swimming in the ocean, and good food and drinks for evening meals together. You will need a parks pass for this adventure. You don’t have to come for the whole weekend, you’re welcome to just to rock up for one day or just to hang out.


2-6 October, 2021 - 4pm - Three Capes Track

This is for those who have booked and paid for the Three Capes Track starting 3rd of October. No more bookings are possible. Meet up at Port Arthur on the 2nd of October, either book your own accommodation for that night or sleep in your van or tent.


10 October, 2021 - 10am - Blue Tier

This is a day of food, sightseeing, natural and social history, and the Blue Tier. We’ll start with the historic Weldborough (has a nice hotel with free camp sites), and continue to the ghost town of Poimena. From here we’ll hike the Moon Valley Rim track, which is an easy 2 hour walk up Mt Poimena and into the Blue Tier. Dogs are allowed on leash on the Moon Valley Rim track. After this we may visit the big trees at the Blue Tier giant walk. We’ll finish up with a meal at the Pub in a Paddock at Pyengana. 🙂 Any questions? Let me know. Let’s car pool to save fuel costs, keep everyone close, etc.


23-24 October, 2021 - 10am - Lees Paddocks

Lees Paddocks is a valley that is squashed between Cradle and Walls of Jerusalem national parks. It’s also a walk on private property. I’ve spoken to the owner and asked for permission to enter his land, and also if I could book his family hut, but he said so many people use it it’s not possible to book. Anyway, this means we will have to take a tent with us in case someone is in the hut. If we’re lucky nobody will be there. However, there is another hut a little further called Wadleys Hut in case of need. We’ll hike in, stay overnight, then hike back. Lees Paddocks is well known for its beauty and proximity to the national parks, so we’ll get a taste of pure Tasmania. We’ll meet at the carpark off Mersey Forest Road at the track that joins Lees Paddocks Track. Bring your mountain weather gear, tent, camp stove, gas, water, food, etc., for two days, although the hike is not that long or difficult. Please note it can be very muddy and wet, and because of this there may be leeches. Bring appropriate kit to deal with this.


31 October, 2021 - 5pm - Penguin Cradle Trail, Stage One

This is the first part of the Penguin Cradle Trail going in the reverse direction, which was postponed. We’ll start at Cradle Mountain Lodge and head to Cradle Mountain Lookout, which is after Fourways (the first overnight camp) and before Bare Mountain Camp (the second overnight camp). I’ve chosen the Lookout as the end of the hike, as it’s most easy to access from the road. We’ll park a car here at the Lookout carpark and then double back to Cradle with a second car. For those heading to Cradle plateau the night before (on the Saturday), there is a free camp site at Lake Lea which is just after the Cradle Mountain turnoff as you drive in the direction of Waratah. It’s situated in the Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area. You’ll see a dirt road to the right and the Vale of Belvoir blue sign. If you reach the Cradle Valley Lookout, you’ve gone too far. This first section is 13 km with a 601 metre profile (means we’ll be hiking 600m of uphill over those 13 kms). The terrain is alpine so we need to be prepared for snow and everything else in between. The trail starts at Cradle Lodge which is near Pencil Pine Cascades on the Sunday morning at 10am.


6 November, 2021 - 10am - Dial Range and Ferndene Picnic

Let’s head to the Dial Range located a 5 minute drive inland from Penguin. The Dial Range has small peaks to climb (roughly 400m high) and is widely used for mountain biking. It’s a beautiful quiet forested area with fern gullies. We’ll start by hiking up to Mount Montgonmery and make our way over to Mt Dial before heading down to Ferndene Gully picnic area, where we’ll leave a second car to take us back to Montgomery Road. Ferndene Gully has toilets, picnic tables and is in a beautiful man fern gully. A lunch break would be great. There’s also Thorsby’s Tunnel there to explore. The start is at the carpark at Montgomery Road. To get there take the Sports Complex exit off Bass Highway near Penguin, and follow the road to the Dial Park complex, drive all the way to Ironcliffe Road. Turn left here onto Ironcliffe Road and follow until you get to the Montgomery Road turnoff on your left. There will be signs for Penguin Cradle Trail and Mt Dial Walking Tracks. There’s also monster power lines there, so you won’t miss it. If anyone is really excited, we could include Mt Gnomon as a third peak? Anyway, the total kilometres are 9 km with a 500m gradual ascent/descent profile (mostly downhill). This will probably take about 4 hours. This hike replaces the Mt Roland and Sheffield day. On the way home, we might stop off at Anvers Chocolate Factory in Latrobe. Or even a swim at Hawley Beach. You never know what can happen 😉 Please remember we always walk at your pace, our hikes are not races. We invite everyone to come along regardless your fitness or experience level. We look after everyone and make it an enjoyable day out. All are welcome.


20 November, 2021 - 9am - Mt Murchison Track

Mt Murchison is often lauded as the most amazing day hike in Tasmania with stunning views of the Tarkine to the west and Cradle to the east. It’s a challenging vertical hike with some rock scrambling, and is rated hard. It is also a dog friendly trail (plus kid friendly). It’ll be work but worth the reward at the end and we’ll do it as a team. Some people have even camped up at the summit. If the weather is amazing on this weekend, we can do that. It’s a 700m hike up over 5 km and the same back down. So you’ll need to be firstly comfortable with heights, rocky and ropey negotiations, and carrying your gear up/down for a few hours. This hike is subject to the weather, as it can get hairy if it turns bad. So not a beginner’s hike. Best to arrive the night before (Friday) for an early start. Plenty of free camp sites at Lake Macintosh or Lake Plimsol. Accommodation available at Tullah.


28 November, 2021 - 9.30am - Round Mountain, Mt Claude and Mt Van Dyke

This is a longer hike than up to Mt Roland. It takes in views of Mt Roland but it starts on the other end at Round Mountain, for a less brutal hike up to Mt Claude and a ridge hike over to Mt Van Dyke, where we’ll come back down at the intersection to Mt Roland and finish at Gowrie Park. This is a full day’s hike, and I recommend coming the night before to camp at Gowrie Park so we can start early on Sunday. The descent is longer than the climb, so you’ll need good shoes, trekking poles and plenty of snacks and water. The hike is approximately 17 km with 350m ascent and 400m descent. Afterwards we’ll have a drink at Sheffield and stock up on some comfort eating. We’ll park one car at Round Mountain lookout carpark and one at Gowrie Park.


3-5 December, 2021 - 5pm - Parsons Track - Great Western Tiers

We’ll follow Parsons Track up onto the Great Western Tiers. The first night (Friday) we’ll stay at Hills Logging Hut, then continue on Saturday up to Haberle’s Hut, where we’ll leave our gear and do the final leg up onto the plateau and maybe further to Lake Mackenzie with just a light daypack.

We’ll stay at Haberle’s Hut and return back down to the carpark on Sunday. A one way trip from carpark to Lake Mackenzie is roughly 5 hours but is dependent on the weather, and each walker’s skill, as it can change quickly on the plateau and it will be winter time.

I’ll do some recon in the next weeks to have the whole trail sussed out, so this plan may be altered slightly. This hike comes with spectacular views from and of the Tiers. From Lake Mackenzie it isn’t far to Walls of Jerusalem NP. So if anyone wants a teaser, this is a good start. There are two steep sections up to Haberle’s Hut and then again up onto the plateau but generally the path is wide and gradual.


10-12 December, 2021 - 4pm - Mt Rufus via Gingerbread Track

This is an alternative route to Mt Rufus via the Gingerbread Track near Derwent Bridge which leads to the Mt Rufus summit. The hike starts at 800m and rises to 1416m to the summit. The first night we’ll camp near Gingerbread Hut, and the next day follow the Mt Rufus Circuit track back to Lake St Clair visitors centre. Bring appropriate hiking and camping gear for mountain altitudes and climate. It’s possible to sleep at Gingerbread Hut but we’ll take tents to be double safe.

This is a full two day hike and we’ll meet at Lake St Clair visitors centre on Friday night, where we can camp and start the hike the next day. This is a challenging hike for those who love mountains.


19-22 December, 2021 - 9.00am - Summer Solstice on Orion and Sirius

The Western Arthurs Ranges are an iconic feature of the Southwest National Park. The Western Arthurs traverse takes a week in good weather, but good weather is more the exception than the rule here 🙂 So we’ll be introducing ourselves to the easiest route of heading from Scotts Peak Dam along Port Davey Track up Alpha Moraine to Mts Hesperus, Hayes, Orion and Pegasus. The route reads like a mythology book and I’m sure the experience will be pretty similar in this Tasmania wilderness. We’ll be doing it together and safely, staying overnight up on the Ranges to celebrate the Summer Solstice. The return will be the same way back down to Scotts Peak Dam carpark. I recommend driving up the day before and relaxing at the campsite at Scotts Peak Dam. The track can be muddy and wet, so be prepared.


7-10 January, 2022 - 10.00am - Mt Field Weekend

We’re going back to Mt Field National Park. The plan is to drive up to Lake Dobson, park there and then hike up to the Rodway Range and out to Mt Field West, where we’ll camp. We’ll return to Rodway Range the next day and hike along the range which overlooks the Tarn Shelf and its lakes, before heading down to Twilight Tarn hut. This will be followed by a lot of relaxing in the sun (hopefully) and swimming.


22-23 January, 2022 - 09.00am - Mystery Weekend

We’re hoping to hike Mt Anne on this weekend but it may still be closed due to bushfires in the 2018-2019 summer.

If we go, this will be the first adventure into the legendary Southwest to one of the more spectacular and challenging hikes in Tasmania. Mt Anne will be our destination and will take two days. You need a head for heights and must be able to boulder and scramble over rocks. The first 2-4 hours is a straight up 600m hike, which will test your legs. But there is a place you can lunch, relax, use a toilet and camp in a hut on the way up.

Once at the top of Mt Eliza, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views over the Southwest, Pedder Dam and more. On the way up to Mt Anne there’s more scrambling and bouldering, but the view will cover Frenchmans Cap, Federation Peak and the Western Arthurs. The hike is 15 km and can take a full day, but we’ll camp up on top just to make it more comfortable and break up the effort required.

I recommend driving down the day before and relaxing at Scotts Peak Dam, where there is a camp site for the Port Davey Track hike.

If it’s not allowed to hike up to Mt Anne by this date, we’ll choose another nearby location such as Lake Rhona which is also a challenging two day hike, or something up at Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair. This weekend will go ahead no matter which one of these we do.


4-6 February, 2022 - 10.00am - Walls of Jerusalem

Let’s take a hike into Walls of Jerusalem national park, with roughly three days to explore. Hike up the steepest part to Dog Creek camp ground. From there we can explore Lake Salome, Pool of Bestheda, Damascus Gate, Solomons Throne, The Temple and Mt Jerusalem. There is another camp ground at Dixons Kingdom. Bring a tent, mountain hiking gear and boots, food and water for three days, and every other necessary item for going into a wilderness area. We’ll hike gently and at the pace of the slowest member. If you’ve always wanted to explore Walls of Jerusalem, here’s your chance. 🙂 You’ll need a valid parks pass too. Due to restrictions, this hike is to be capped to 6 people. If we are more, then I will need to inform PWS.


13 February, 2022 - 10.00am - St Valentines Peak

Well we couldn’t do it on the 14th, so let’s celebrate Valentines Day on the 13th with a hike up the impressive pyramidal mountain that sticks out like a sore thumb behind Burnie. Let’s enjoy a romantic bush picnic at the top.