Projects - Eco village project

Members of Map of Tassie have expressed a keen interest in setting up an eco village and share community on a bush block somewhere in or near the Meander Valley area.

The idea behind an eco village is to pool resources, finances and knowledge, making a life on the land much more achievable for many in the current real estate climate. With an eye on the fact that all of us are getting older, there is a desire to live together with likeminded women in a supportive community, where a helping hand is just around the corner.

Growing our own food, harvesting from a native food forest, sourcing clean water and timber, giving back to nature by restoring and regenerating the land, offering a safe haven for native wildlife, keeping and looking after domesticated animals, living in tiny homes and using a common kitchen, laundry and bathroom area, etc., there would also be potential for building and sharing a workshop, storage, offering bed and breakfast to guests and tourists, developing a cottage industry that would generate an income for the share community, and having a centre for LGBTIQ+ related gatherings and activities.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in becoming a part of, or you’d like to donate or sponsor us, then please get in touch.


Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on 0448 381 306 or