Projects - Calendar

We have a project in the works, to create a Map of Tassie calendar and book, with photographs of Map of Tassie members out in the great Tasmanian outdoors, as well as select photos of members showing off their ‘Map of Tassies’.

Our very own professional photographer, Camille Nelson, has kindly offered to take the photos. Camille won’t be back in Tasmania until November later this year, so we have time to plan and organise this project thoroughly.

The calendar will showcase one Map of Tassie tour per month, with the Tasmanian bush (no pun intended) as a complementary feature. On each monthly page, there’ll be a short paragraph or story from one of our members about what nature means to them, as well as how being in the outdoors helps them.

Map of Tassie stands for the empowerment of women, especially those under the LGBT rainbow, and supports women to realise themselves, their dreams, their potential and more, through the medium of nature, which is the ultimate support mechanism, playground, inner reflection, teacher, and more.

Ideally, the group exists to help women strip away and break down any barrier that prevents them from being who they really are (and find comfort with that), as well as put amazing women in touch with each other, which is quite a powerful force.

As a complement to the calendar, we thought about putting a book together, which takes those individual story snippets and expands on them in greater detail. Our hope and aim is to throw a spotlight on how nature is integral in the healing of women’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Money raised from the sale of the calendar and book would be used in the following ways: 25% towards the costs of design, photography, printing and marketing; 25% towards causes that Map of Tassie is passionate about; and 50% to be reinvested back into the group, in the form of savings for an eventual club house, and savings for a holiday that all members could partake in (in Tassie of course).

Of course, we’re reliant on volunteers to be brave enough to step up to the plate and say yes, I’d like to feature on the Map of Tassie calendar for 2022 or feature my ‘map of Tassie’ in the book.

We’re hoping that by publishing the book and calendar, we can raise awareness of not only how fantastic our state of Tasmania is, but how precious and lucky we are to have an island with as much natural diversity, as our group contains diversity of women.

Let’s work together to support Tasmanian nature, women under the rainbow, and equal opportunity for women in our community. Please rest assured this project will be handled with the utmost sensitivity, respect and discretion.